Exercise is Medicine on Campus

"EIMC has inspired me to make knowledge translation part of my career." -
EIMC @ uGuelph, student leader, Alison Ludzki

Exercise is Medicine on Campus is an initiative aimed at fostering early collaborative inter-professional relationships between exercise and health care professionals that support the Exercise is Medicine philosophy.  If you are an exercise science, health studies or administration, or health care professional student or faculty member with an interest in starting an Exercise is Medicine group at your university, please contact Susan Yungblut, Director, Exercise is Medicine Canada at syungblut@csep.ca.

Several interested student champions from universities across Canada have already expressed interest.  Exercise is Medicine Canada will explore ways to facilitate groups across the country to share ideas and successes.

Our Template Mission, Vision and Goal Statements are available here! Introductory slide deck available here

Students at Slippery Rock University, Pennsylvania, created a video of their EIM on Campus program involving Student Health Services referral to EIM on Campus exercise professional students.  Click here to view





Exercise is Medicine Canada @ Queen’s 

EIMC @ Queen's has had an exciting and productive year as well as a variety of projects lined up for the future that we are very enthusiastic about

Last year, we initiated and implemented the Exercise Prescription and Referral Form, along with a Physician Handbook at the Loyalist Family Health Team. We created an electronic version in their existing electronic records system to make it easy for doctors to prescribe exercise to patients.

We are in the process of implementing a similar program at Queen’s Student Health Services using a prescription form tailored to students. We recently hosted a successful educational session at Queen’s Health Services led by Dr. Renata Frankovich wherein attendees were provided with a Continuing Medical Education credit to learn how to use the form. The physicians and nurses that attended were enthusiastic about beginning to prescribe exercise to Queen’s students.

This November (2014), we are very excited to organize and present the first Exercise Expo to second year Queen’s medical students as a mandatory part of their curriculum in partnership with Dr. Robyn Houlden, a faculty member at Queen’s School of medicine. The Expo will include a variety of stations focusing on practical aspects of prescribing and talking about physical activity; the material will be testable which we hope will entice medical students to engage in this exercise education.

EIMC at Queen’s will also be attending a local educational program regarding clinical care in Diabetes in which we will be advising health care professionals (GPs, nurse practitioners, dieticians, and more) on how exercise can improve the health status and quality of life of individuals with diabetes.

Other projects we are included in is the Canadian Sport for Life Kingston Summit, which will be a great opportunity to interact and connect with public health professionals, as well as incorporating students outside of the kinesiology program (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, medicine, etc.).

Any questions/comments can be directed to eim@queensu.ca.

Contact us at: eim@queensu.ca


Exercise is Medicine Canada @ Guelph 

Exercise is Medicine Canada @ Guelph launched in 2013 and looks forward to growing more this year! In cooperation with the Guelph Family Health Team, EIMC @ Guelph began the Exercise Prescription Pad Initiative, in which practicing physicians in Guelph prescribe exercise to their patients. 

EIM @ Guelph was on hand to answer questions at the annual Human Health and Nutritional Sciences Symposium. We also offered seminars at local high schools to discuss the importance of exercise through the life stages. Along with the University of Guelph Red Cross, we ran a Zumba-thon in support of the Red Cross International Disaster Relief Fund.  

In March, we held an EIMC @ Guelph seminar with speakers including a skeletal muscle physiologist, a cardiovascular physiologist and a sports medicine physician. Topics included the health benefits of exercise; a historical perspective and population data; current research for exercise prescription and for determining exercise guidelines for clinical population; and exercise prescription in primary care and physical activity for health in practice. The goal of this evening was to raise awareness of EIM and the initiative in Guelph, while providing information to the public from both the research and clinical perspectives. 

Our EIMC @ Guelph volunteers participated at the Minds in Motion program at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre with the Canadian Alzheimer's Society. In June, we facilitated the Movement for Life information session at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre, which has researchers from the University of Guelph and University of Waterloo discuss active living to enhance mobility, strength and balance. This October we are creating a month-long display at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre to promote physical activity for the aging.

At the University of Guelph Science Olympics, an event for local high school students, we instructed a workshop to measure cardiorespiratory fitness and a cycling fitness challenge. We are also pairing up to help facilitate the HK 5K Run at the University of Guelph during Alumni Weekend. EIMC @ Guelph is excited to continue developing and looking forward to future initiatives and spreading awareness of Exercise is Medicine! 

Check out "Exercise is Just What the Doctor Ordered" article published on The University of Guelph homepage!

Contact us with questions or ideas at: eimguelph@gmail.com

Exercise is Medicine Canada @ McMaster

Exercise is Medicine Canada @ McMaster is a collaborative effort of the Department of Kinesiology, Department of Medical Sciences, School of Rehabilitation Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine. Our group was formed in October 2013, and although we are currently in the early stages of establishment, we have received much positive support from students and faculty. Our goals are two-fold: promotion of a healthy lifestyle amongst the McMaster community and spearheading the application of exercise as a treatment by McMaster physicians.

 Our team is quickly coming together to begin many EIMC joint initiatives across campus. Community health promotion will involve a public lecture series on exercise and health. In addition, we hope to get the McMaster community up and active through fundraising events such as Spin-A-Thons, intramural teams, fitness clubs, as well as a McMaster 5km run in collaboration with the Running Room (who featured an article about EIMC here!)

 Our primary mission is introduction of exercise prescription as an adjunct therapy offered by physicians, as well as knowledge translation of the appropriate application of exercise prescription offered to all medical professionals studying at McMaster. We aim to provide physicians and physicians-in-training with the tools and knowledge necessary for the integration of exercise prescription into existing physician practices. By tailoring resources of EIMC to McMaster University, we will prepare physicians to more easily use physical activity in the treatment and prevention of disease and illness. Our major, annual event will be an inter-professional education event through the Program for Inter-professional Practice, Education and Research (PIPER) at McMaster. This event will amalgamate knowledge from interdisciplinary authorities such as Kinesiology and Medical Sciences researchers, physiotherapists and other health professionals currently implementing exercise as medicine in order to provide the next generation of physicians with an understanding of how effective physical activity can be as a therapeutic measure.


We are all very excited about the direction Exercise is Medicine Canada @ McMaster is taking and look forward to collaborating with other EIMC groups as this paradigm becomes more prevalent in post-secondary institutions across Canada!

For more information, feel free to contact us at eimcmcmaster@gmail.com or follow us on twitter @eimcmcmaster


Exercise is Medicine Canada @ Western

A chapter of Exercise is Medicine® Canada on Campus is being established at Western University. Student clubs will be officially forming over the Summer of 2014 in preparation for events in the 2014/15 school year.  Students from all disciplines are welcome to join.  Please contact eimwesternu@gmail.com and watch for us on twitter @EIMC_Western!


Exercise is Medicine Canada @ York

As EIMC at York is still warming up, we are excited to get moving with our plans for this academic year. We are looking forward to launching a number of events on campus including a much-anticipated EIMC at York speaker series.

We plan to host a number of talks throughout the year led by a variety of exercise professionals. The list includes an exercise physiologist, current/former York Lions athletes, and a surprise celebrity guest. They will cover topics such as getting started, staying motivated, and inspiring others in the community to be active. 

We are also excited to kickoff our volunteer program. The program is designed for Kinesiology students to become leaders in physical activity advocacy on campus as well as in their own communities. In return, the leaders will receive a Letter of Acknowledgement on behalf of EIMC at York. 

EIMC at York is also thrilled to announce they will be running side-by-side with a number of established organizations on campus. These partnerships will allow for associations at York University to make a stride in the same direction to improve the health of the student body. Together with EIMC at York, we will be part of the greater effort to spread awareness of exercise as a preventative measure and treatment for chronic disease.

 To follow EIMC at York’s activity throughout the year, check us out at: https://www.facebook.com/exerciseismedicineatyork.   

For any information on the volunteer program or any other inquiries contact us at: eimcatyork@gmail.com

Exercise is Medicine Canada @ Moncton

Moncton University students are extremely pleased to create an Exercise is Medicine Canada on Campus club.  Our first event will be a 2.5/ 5 km race on November 9, 2014 through the Moncton campus.  We will also have short courses for children.  Runners, walkers and children are welcome.  We hope to have approximately 150 participants.  Event revenues will cover the costs of the day and any remaining will go towards organizing physical activity events for the Moncton community.  Contact us at: emc@umoncton.ca and Facebook


Exercise is Medicine Canada @ McGill

Jointly founded in early 2014 by McGill Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Kinesiology students, EIMC @ McGill is still young. Despite that, we have already made great strides on campus, rallying a dedicated student base. Throughout the previous academic year, we sought to increase our visibility on campus and focused on student activity and wellness. We held numerous events including a pick-up intramural soccer game, spinning at one of Montreal’s foremost spinning gyms, guided hot yoga, and intense circuit training, all of which incorporated elements of education and learning tailored to future healthcare professionals. Additionally, we collaborated with the McGill Medical Student Wellness group to hold events on multiple occasions, reaching out to make student wellness and activity a key part of the McGill education and experience.

This fall 2014, we expanded our student leadership to include diverse representatives from the faculty of medicine, and the schools of Kinesiology, Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. We are excited to work together and to facilitate dynamic opportunities for building and fostering relationships between the disciplines.

 Plans for the upcoming year include continuing to ride the wave of excitement that surrounds the workout options we have offered (spinning, circuit training, etc.), hopefully repeating some of these events as well as offering new activities such as rock climbing and barre classes. Moreover, we are gaining traction among the medical school faculty and have been offered a small amount of space within the curriculum. With this time, we plan to collaborate with the Medical Student Wellness committee to create an informative and hands-on session to assist in bringing the goals of EIMC to the first-year medical students.   

 Significant goals this year include building alliances with other student groups on campus, as well as organizing an interdisciplinary conference discussing exercise prescription and encouraging positive behavior change. We are also excited to break down barriers and stigma regarding exercise (e.g. holding a ‘Women in the Weight Room’ session) while simultaneously learning about other successful EIMC programs and activities across Canada.

 Contact us at: eimc.mcgill@gmail.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/eimcmcgill

Exercise is Medicine Canada @ NOSM

Exercise is Medicine Canada @ NOSM is a newly created interest group, and we are excited to get this initiative started! We extend from Sudbury to Thunder Bay, and hope to positively impact the health of individuals across Northern Ontario. Our goal is to promote exercise as a form of prescription among NOSM graduates, and current practicing physicians in Northern Ontario. Anyone attending Laurentian University or Lakehead University is welcome to join this great initiative. Please contact us at eimnosm@gmail.com.

Exercise is Medicine Canada @ NAIT

EIMC at NAIT is the first Western Canadian campus club to join the Exercise is Medicine Canada on Campus movement. The club was Initiated by the Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT) Diploma Program in the School of Heath Sciences. The NAIT PFT students are passionate about building a healthier and fitter Canada. In October 2014 the group was recognized by the NAIT Student Association (NAITSA) as an official club, which will provide for an opportunity to receive grant funding for the year. 

The students and faculty advisors are excited to connect, educate, and inspire the NAIT students, staff, and community partners about the benefits of physical activity. The intent of EIMC@NAIT is to promote health and wellbeing through a number of fitness and health events, workshops, articles, and speaker sessions.

EIMC@NAIT hopes to collaborate with all schools to create new and innovative ways to promote exercise as medicine to the NAIT community. In addition, we are excited to work together with other EIMC campus groups to support the Exercise is Medicine Canada initiative. 


Contact us at: EIMC@nait.ca

Exercise is Medicine Canada @ University of Toronto

University of Toronto launches EIMC on Campus!

EIMC Student Group @ UofT Goals:

1) Promote inter-professional discussion and learning about exercise
2) Strive to promote physical activity as a means of treatment and prevention of illness within the student population.
3) Develop strong relationships between health professions to build resources, advocates and supporters of prescribing exercise as a means of treatment and disease prevention.

Exercise is Medicine Canada @ Lakehead University

Exercise is Medicine on Campus is a newly established club at Lakehead University. Our scope is to increase physical activity at Lakehead University by incorporating fun and innovative methods of exercise into campus life while decreasing barriers to participation for Lakehead students. For our inaugural event, we hosted a dodge-ball tournament with all teams dressed up in costumes and having a great time, while getting some exercise at the same time. Future events include a 3-on-3 ice hockey tournament on our very own on-campus lake! For more information about our club, please email exerciseismedicineLU@gmail.com, or visit our Facebook page athttps://www.facebook.com/groups/538967389537441/.

Exercise is Medicine Canada @ UOttawa

Exercise is Medicine Canada @ UOttawa is an initiative that has been recently established in the Faculties of Kinesiology and Medicine that are collaborating closely. We are very excited to get things started with various workshops and events to be held throughout the year! Please feel free to contact the Kinesiology (eimc-kin@uottawa.ca) or Medicine (eimottawa@gmail.com) with any questions that you have and watch for more to come!


Exercise is Medicine Canada @ St. Francis Xavier

Exercise is Medicine On Campus at St. Francis Xavier University was just recently established, but we already have some exciting events planned. These include some “stress buster” events to promote positive mental health during the examination period. These events will be light physical activity aimed at stimulating the body and allowing students to relax even if only for 30 minutes. We also anticipate collaborating with the StFX Canadian Obesity Network chapter to create an event around the promotion of physical activity on campus that is accessible to all students. We are excited to get this society up and running and look forward to promoting Exercise is Medicine Canada!


Contact us through our Exercise is Medicine at StFX University Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EIMCSTFX?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Exercise is Medicine @ UManitoba

Exercise is Medicine Canada on Bannatyne Campus is a recently established initiative within the Masters of Physiotherapy Program at the University of Manitoba.  We are excited to create awareness among the student and faculty body about the benefits of physical activity.  We want to encourage exercise prescription as a means for positive behaviour change, promotion of health & wellness and management strategies for the prevention and treatment of illness and disease.  

Significant goals this year include:

·      Encouraging positive behavior change;

·      Building alliances with other student groups on campus;

·      Breaking down barriers and stigma regarding exercise;

·      Learning about other successful EIMC programs and activities. 

We anticipate hosting various events and workshops throughout the year that are targeted at meeting our chosen objectives. 

Contact us at: eimcatuofm@gmail.com or FB

Exercise is Medicine @ University of Waterloo

A chapter of Exercise is Medicine Canada on Campus at the University of Waterloo is in progress! 

We are planning promotional events, establishing student clubs and campus programs, as part of the initial steps to launch EIMC @ UWaterloo for the 2015/2016 school year. We invite students from all disciplines to join in our mission of making exercise a recognized component of healthcare at the University of Waterloo and the surrounding community.

Please contact eimUW@gmail.com to ask questions, share ideas or get involved!


Exercise is Medicine @ UOIT & Durham College

Exercise is Medicine Canada (EIMC) at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Durham College was ratified with the Student Association Club Status in 2014. EIMC –UOIT/DC was launched by graduate students in the Faculty of Health Sciences with a keen interest in promoting exercise on campus. Our mission is to foster early collaborative inter-professional relationships between exercise and health care professionals.

This inaugural year will be filled with exciting new initiatives around campus that will focus on health promotion and disease prevention through exercise. EIMC - UOIT/DC will focus on raising awareness about our mission through the use of exercise-based events and through providing resources to further the understanding of the benefits of exercise. We will be working closely with the Campus Health Centre’s clinicians to encourage individual prescriptions of exercise to our student population. 

EIMC at UOIT/DC plans to host a variety of fun-filled events on campus including a 5km Resolution Run, Speaker Series, as well as a Cycle-a-Thon to raise awareness about our club’s initiatives and to draw attention to our social media sites.

Please visit EMIC UOIT/DC

Facebook- EIMC UOIT DC

Twitter- @emicUOIT

Gmail- EIMUOIT@gmail.com

Exercise is Medicine @ University of Victoria 

         Exercise is Medicine Canada @ UVic is officially launching in early 2015! We are a group of students from the University of Victoria who are passionate about preventative medicine and increasing the level of physical activity in our community. We have been working over the past months to bring EIM on Campus to UVic. Our aim is to connect diverse faculty members from around the UVic campus while promoting physical activity to prevent various chronic medical conditions. We will encourage UVic students and faculty to participate in physical activity by creating and promoting physically active events on campus. We will also promote physical activity in the community by posting physical activity events of other UVic members and clubs on our Facebook page.

          Currently, we are working towards providing physicians in Campus Health as well as local family physicians with EIMC’s Exercise Prescription and Referral Tool – an exercise prescription pad to use with their patients. We have also launched a research study to assess family doctors’ exercise prescription habits before and after using this tool. In the future, the club is hoping to organize informational seminars about the role of physical activity in disease prevention as well as the basics of exercise prescription.

For more information about our club and to learn more about our inaugural event please see our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Exercise-Is-Medicine-at-UVic-EIM-at-UVic/389699081207001 or email us at eim.atuvic@gmail.com

       Exercise is Medicine @ University of Guelph-Humber/Humber College

A chapter of Exercise is Medicine® Canada (EIMC) on Campus has been established at University of Guelph-Humber/Humber College. Our On-Campus Club has been created as well as the official Exercise Is Medicine On-Campus Committee.  Our vision is to foster collaborative inter-professional relationships and leadership skills on campus while promoting physical activity and exercise as a way of preventing and managing chronic illness and disease.  

This is a campus-wide initiative, encouraging students from all disciplines to join the club and get involved with future EIMC On-Campus events. 

Please  contact at  EIMC.UGH.HC@gmail.com    

Watch for us on Twitter and Facebook for upcoming events in the near future! 


Exercise is Medicine @ St Mary's University 

St. Mary’s University strives for a safe environment for all students, staff and faculty participating in physical activity on Campus. By providing a source of education and motivation through physical activities our goal is to help all reach their goals of leading a healthy lifestyle of nutritious eating and physical activity to gain the health benefits of exercise.

For more information, contact:

Rhonda Thiessen   403 837 3863


 Exercise is Medicine @ University of Calgary

The recently formed “Exercise is Medicine Canada-On Campus University of Calgary Club will host a fitness screening clinic near the end of the current semester.  Current membership is 55, with a goal for over 100 members within 8 weeks.  The club is currently looking for its initial executive slate.  

Contact Dr. Brian MacIntosh via

Exercise is Medicine @ University of Calgary

Sheridan College’s Exercise Science and Health Promotion degree program has partnered with Sheridan’s Health Services to  launch an Exercise is Medicine-On Campus initiative aimed at increasing the physical activity participation of students at their Brampton campus.  For this initiative, Health Services primary healthcare providers have been trained to perform preliminary physical activity screening and counselling for students attending the clinic for the first time.  Students expressing interest in increasing their physical activity participation are then referred for secondary counselling performed by interns specifically trained in lifestyle counselling.  At the secondary counselling sessions a more comprehensive activity survey is administered, and the intern works with the student to establish physical activity goals and an action plan for participation.  The student is provided with information for both on- and off-campus physical activity resources and a follow-up is performed after one month.   Program efficacy will be primarily evaluated through quantification of secondary counselling participation and change in purposeful physical activity. 

Email: eimoc@sheridancollege.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/exerciseismedicinesheridan

Exercise is Medicine @ University of Calgary 

The Exercise is Medicine at Dalhousie University initiative started in 2014. Still in our early stages, we have started working on several initiatives.

Our club promotes exercise as a method of disease prevention and treatment. Our main goals are to:

1) Incorporate exercise prescription and its benefits into the medical school course curriculum at Dalhousie.

2) Increase the number of health care professionals assessing, prescribing, and counseling patients in physical activity, including referring to qualified exercise professionals as appropriate.

3) Promote exercise, and provide information and resources that advocate the health benefits of exercise, both online and through planned events.

In our first year we focused on identifying gaps in our medical school curriculum where we felt we could add education on prescribing exercise. We have started by making modifications to our cases in our Case Based Learning (CBL) curriculum, by hosting an EIM skills night, and by adding an emphasis on exercise in our clinical skills program.  We want exercise to be one of the main questions asked on a patient history during our clinical skills sessions. We are also trying to facilitate research projects on the benefits of exercise through our “Research in Medicine” program at Dalhousie. We have been working very closely with Physiotherapy students in our work.

Our new Facebook group is called Exercise is Medicine Dalhousie. With a goal to spread the word about EIM, we plan on posting evidence-based articles on exercise, and also hope this will be a popular forum for students throughout Dalhousie to post about exercise-related events in the community.

Contact us at exerciseismedicine.dal@gmail.com.


Exercise is Medicine @ Laurentian University

Exercise is Medicine on Campus (EIMC) @ Laurentian University (LU) has officially launched. To kick things off this spring, we participated in the Annual School of Human Kinetics Conference on March 27th. The inaugural EIMC executives served breakfast at the conference as a fund raising event. We are looking for club members and for individuals looking to jump into an executive position.

EIMC @ Laurentian University will launch its first full academic year in September 2015.  The launch will include a comprehensive Facebook campaign featuring community sport and physical activity opportunities, as well as debunking exercise myths.  The fall and winter will bring various physical activity events, participation in Frosh Week and our debut at club days.  Finally, the spring will feature a fun run to conclude the academic year.  The club will work alongside affiliated groups at Laurentian, including: Health Services, the Peer Health Education Team, the School of Human Kinetics Student and Faculty councils and the Interprofessional Health Group. Future connections include: other Schools in the Faculty of Health, the Northern Ontario Medical School (East) and local health practitioners.

The EIMC @ LU hopes to increase physical activity on campus, while establishing interprofessional connections among future health and exercise professionals that support the EIMC vision and goals. 

Exercise is Medicine @ Laurentian Campus would like to extend an invitation to all to join us on our Facebook page (Exercise is Medicine Canada at Laurentian University) or at ExerciseIsMedicine@Laurentian.ca

Exercise is Medicine:  University of Saskatchewan

Student Health Services and the College of Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan partnered with Exercise is Medicine Canada (EIMC) in the spring of 2014. This successful collaboration invites health practitioners to refer student-patients to kinesiologists for a free consultation and training session to help the patient develop an exercise program.  The goal is to get patients to a point where exercise improves their particular health condition.  Since this referral process, the university health and wellness program for staff has also shown interest in developing a similar partnership with the College of Kinesiology.


In fall of 2014 a student-led Exercise is Medicine on Campus was launched with a student symposium.  Four speakers, including the Director, Exercise is Medicine Canada; Student Health Services’ physician; a College of Kinesiology masters student; and a faculty member from the College of Nursing presented on EIM and benefits of exercise.  Interested students at this launch and symposium formed the U of S EIM student group.  This group helped to plan a second term activity entitled the ‘Fit Minute Challenge.”  Mirrored after the popular ALS Ice bucket challenge, professors and classrooms were challenged to take a minute for classroom exercise and then to videotape and post onto the University of Saskatchewan EIMC on Campus Facebook site.  12 classrooms took part during the month-long promotion.

Presently, students in the School of Public Health Master’s program spear head the promotion of EIMC  on Campus and its activities.  As it grows, our goal is to have more involvement from other health science colleges.

 For more information please contact



Link to media article:





Exercise is Medicine® at Camosun College

Camosun College is very excited to announce the launch of their Exercise is Medicine® club. Located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Camosun College has renowned programs in business, healthcare and exercise education. The Centre for Sport and Exercise Education is housed on campus in the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence where the students have the privilege of an on-campus exercise therapy clinic. This newly opened clinic will act as the home base for the Exercise Is Medicine® club with opportunities to host meetings, educational lectures and community events. In addition, the clinic will provide a space for clients who will benefit from supervised exercise programs. Students studying exercise physiology and athletic therapy will have the opportunity to work alongside certified professionals to provide various exercise therapy treatments to the public.

Throughout the calendar school year, the Exercise is Medicine® Club will organize informational seminars on a variety of healthcare issues highlighting the effectiveness of exercise as a modality to prevent and treat these illnesses. These sessions will be provided for health care professionals, students and the general public.

Currently, the EIMC student committee at Camosun College, is working toward the grand opening of the on-campus exercise therapy clinic to provide the first opportunity to showcase this new club on campus.

To learn more and contact Exercise is Medicine at Camosun College, please email:


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