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Exercise is Medicine on Campus

"EIMC has inspired me to make knowledge translation part of my career." -EIMC @ uGuelph, student leader, Alison Ludzki


Exercise is Medicine on Campus is an initiative aimed at fostering early collaborative inter-professional relationships between exercise and health care professionals that support the Exercise is Medicine philosophy.  If you are an exercise science, health studies or administration, or health care professional student or faculty member with an interest in starting an Exercise is Medicine group at your university, please contact Susan Yungblut, Director, Exercise is Medicine Canada at

Several interested student champions from universities across Canada have already expressed interest.  Exercise is Medicine Canada will explore ways to facilitate groups across the country to share ideas and successes.

Our Template Mission, Vision and Goal Statements are available here!


Exercise is Medicine Canada @ Queen’s 

EIMC at Queens is a student initiative of the interdisciplinary Kinesiology and Health Studies department, was officially ratified as a School of Graduate and Professional Studies club in February 2013.  This official status allows us to apply for funding and bursaries.  Along with faculty adviser Dr. Robert Ross, we met with Queen’s University’s Head of Medicine, Dr. Stephen Archer to discuss the School of Medicine’s potential involvement. We were extremely encouraged and excited by his positive feedback to our group and we have made future plans for collaboration, including a Fall semester Exercise is Medicine Grand Rounds presentation at Kingston General Hospital. In addition, Dr. Archer invited us to write a guest blog post for his personal blog, which was published in March:

In April, we held our successful launch event-Exercise is Medicine @ Queen’s Spin-a-thon in the Athletics and Recreation Centre. Our goal was to raise awareness for our initiative, increase subscribers to our Facebook page, and encourage increased physical activity on campus. Our Facebook page is in its beginning stages; we hope to continually provide resources and information for students and staff regarding physical activity options on campus and in the community. We are also developing the EIMC @ Queen’s website, which will include our group’s information and resources.

Members of our group have also met with health professionals from campus Student Health Services to explore ways in which the Exercise is Medicine @ Queen’s initiative can fit into the current system. Beginning in the fall, we plan to pilot our Exercise is Medicine Canada @ Queen’s program in the clinic. We have developed a resource booklet and adapted an Exercise Prescription and Referral Form for physicians to use in clinic. We hope to gain valuable physician insight from the pilot project, and to fully implement the program in the spring.

Future directions include expanding our membership to other academic disciplines at Queen’s and encouraging their involvement. Such departments include nursing, medicine, and rehabilitation sciences. We hope to establish further connections with physical activity resources on campus, as well as have campus health professionals assessing and prescribing exercise on a regular basis.

Though still in its formative stages, we as a group believe we have had a lot of success given the short time frame we have existed, and we are excited to work with the EIMC National Task Force to help fulfill the objectives of EIM at Queen’s University. We also hope other universities will use our example to start initiatives for their own campus communities!

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Exercise is Medicine Canada @ Guelph 

EIMC at Guelph was launched by graduate and undergraduate students in conjunction with the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences in September, 2013. The club operates under a task force structure, with 3 major student-led groups focusing on physician outreach, on-campus programming, and off-campus programming. Preliminary meetings with Campus Health and Student Wellness have established connections with existing exercise prescription and promotion programs on campus. These connections will facilitate the primary goal of EIMC @ Guelph during its first year, which is to provide health care providers on campus with the exercise prescription tools for diverse populations readily available through Exercise is Medicine and Exercise is Medicine Canada.

 EIMC @ Guelph has already run outreach sessions with older adults and organized presentations for high school exercise science classes including information on careers in exercise physiology and cases studies on exercise prescription. Events to be held in the new year include a promotional event providing students with tools to measure cardiorespiratory fitness, a cycling fitness testing challenge at the local Science Olympics, and a community EIM symposium with several speakers and instructional sessions on exercise prescription for health care practitioners and students.

 Long-term goals of EIMC @ Guelph include expanding the promotion of exercise for disease prevention and treatment on and off campus and establishing positions for human kinetics students and graduates in exercise prescription roles on campus. The future directions for EIMC @ Guelph are limitless and we are excited to extend the reaches of Exercise is Medicine to the Guelph community.

Check out "Exercise is Just What the Doctor Ordered" article published on The University of Guelph homepage!

Contact us with questions or ideas at:

Exercise is Medicine Canada @ McMaster

Exercise is Medicine Canada @ McMaster is a collaborative effort of the Department of Kinesiology, Department of Medical Sciences, School of Rehabilitation Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine. Our group was formed in October 2013, and although we are currently in the early stages of establishment, we have received much positive support from students and faculty. Our goals are two-fold: promotion of a healthy lifestyle amongst the McMaster community and spearheading the application of exercise as a treatment by McMaster physicians.

 Our team is quickly coming together to begin many EIMC joint initiatives across campus. Community health promotion will involve a public lecture series on exercise and health. In addition, we hope to get the McMaster community up and active through fundraising events such as Spin-A-Thons, intramural teams, fitness clubs, as well as a McMaster 5km run in collaboration with the Running Room (who featured an article about EIMC here!)

 Our primary mission is introduction of exercise prescription as an adjunct therapy offered by physicians, as well as knowledge translation of the appropriate application of exercise prescription offered to all medical professionals studying at McMaster. We aim to provide physicians and physicians-in-training with the tools and knowledge necessary for the integration of exercise prescription into existing physician practices. By tailoring resources of EIMC to McMaster University, we will prepare physicians to more easily use physical activity in the treatment and prevention of disease and illness. Our major, annual event will be an inter-professional education event through the Program for Inter-professional Practice, Education and Research (PIPER) at McMaster. This event will amalgamate knowledge from interdisciplinary authorities such as Kinesiology and Medical Sciences researchers, physiotherapists and other health professionals currently implementing exercise as medicine in order to provide the next generation of physicians with an understanding of how effective physical activity can be as a therapeutic measure.


We are all very excited about the direction Exercise is Medicine Canada @ McMaster is taking and look forward to collaborating with other EIMC groups as this paradigm becomes more prevalent in post-secondary institutions across Canada!

For more information, feel free to contact us at or follow us on twitter @eimcmcmaster

Exercise is Medicine Canada @ Western

A chapter of Exercise is Medicine® Canada on Campus is being established at Western University. Student clubs will be officially forming over the Summer of 2014 in preparation for events in the 2014/15 school year.  Students from all disciplines are welcome to join.  Please contact and watch for us on twitter @EIMC_Western!

Exercise is Medicine Canada @ York

As EIMC at York is still warming up, we are excited to get moving with our plans for this academic year. We are looking forward to launching a number of events on campus including a much-anticipated EIMC at York speaker series.

We plan to host a number of talks throughout the year led by a variety of exercise professionals. The list includes an exercise physiologist, current/former York Lions athletes, and a surprise celebrity guest. They will cover topics such as getting started, staying motivated, and inspiring others in the community to be active. 

We are also excited to kickoff our volunteer program. The program is designed for Kinesiology students to become leaders in physical activity advocacy on campus as well as in their own communities. In return, the leaders will receive a Letter of Acknowledgement on behalf of EIMC at York. 

EIMC at York is also thrilled to announce they will be running side-by-side with a number of established organizations on campus. These partnerships will allow for associations at York University to make a stride in the same direction to improve the health of the student body. Together with EIMC at York, we will be part of the greater effort to spread awareness of exercise as a preventative measure and treatment for chronic disease.

 To follow EIMC at York’s activity throughout the year, check us out at:   

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